Voluspa::Part VI The Murder of Baldr

I saw for Baldr, the bleeding god,
The son of Othin, his destiny set:
Famous and fair in the lofty fields,
Full grown in strength the mistletoe stood.

From the branch which seemed so slender and fair
Came a harmful shaft that Hoth should hurl;
But the brother of Baldr was born ere long,
And one night old fought Othin’s son.

His hands he washed not, his hair he combed not,
Till he bore to the bale-blaze Baldr’s foe.
But in Fensalir did Frigg weep sore
For Valhall's need: would you know yet more?

One did I see in the wet woods bound,
A lover of ill, and to Loki like;
By his side does Sigyn sit, nor is glad
To see her mate: would you know yet more?