Voluspa::Part V The Prophecy Begins

I know of the horn of Heimdall, hidden
Under the high-reaching holy tree;
On it there pours from Valfather’s pledge
A mighty stream; would you know yet more?

Alone I sat when the Old One sought me,
The terror of the gods, and gazed in mine eyes:
“What hast thou to ask? why comest thou hither?
Othin, I know where thine eye is hidden.”

29.I know where Othin’s eye is hidden,
Deep in the wide-famed well of Mimir;
Mead from the pledge of Othin each morn
Does Mimir drink: would you know yet more?

Necklaces had I and rings from Heerfather,
Wise was my speech and my magic wisdom;

On all sides saw I Valkyries assemble,
Ready to ride to the ranks of the gods;
Skuld bore the shield, and Skogul rode next,
Guth, Hild, Gondul, and Geirskogul.
Of Herjan’s maidens the list have ye heard,
Valkyries ready to ride o’er the earth.


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